Wednesday, 23 July 2014


jeans & jacket: Zara - crop top: topshop - shoes: converse - bag: primark
Photographs by Megan Ward

Comfort dressing . . . is there any better way?

I have been having a bit of a blast in the mid season sales. My birthday just passed so I snapped up the opportunity to spoil myself . . . or rather, be spoiled by others!

 I scored these jeans and jacket from Zara for buttons! They arrived only this morning and I immediately threw them on my back and out the door I went! But, not before Megan took a moment to point out my appreciation for a khaki jacket. I hadn't realised it until today, but I have accumulated a total of six khaki jackets. Six! A camo one, a leather sleeved one, a long one, a sleeveless one, a lightweight one, and the newest addition, this Zara paint splat one. All a little different, but more or less the same garment.

I guess when you find something you like, it kinda sticks with you, right!?

I may have an unnecessary amount of black runner shorts too, but that's another story for another day.


Monday, 14 July 2014

RUDE . . . GIRL!?

slip dress: zara - shirt, jacket and boots: topshop - bag: primark
Photographs by Megan Ward

Notice how image insufficient this post is? I started off this morning with 50-something pics to choose from, only to quickly realise that salvaging a post from those 50 would be a difficult task, read on to find out why . . .

Bitch face:  Any person whose face makes them seem like they're a bitch.

Person A: "Laura looks like such a bitch."
Person B: "No she's not. Her face just looks like that, she has bitch face. She's actually really nice"

As a lifetime sufferer of bitch face, I have come across many a bitch face obstacle. One being; posting photos on ones blog in a manner that doesn't scare off readers. I was born with a face that has severe difficulty displaying the calm contentment I feel on the inside, this problem results in a number of issues, such as:

1. On the inside I feel like a beautiful ray of sunshine, but on the outside I look like the love child of Kristen Stewart and grumpy cat.

2. People constantly ask me questions like; "Are you ok?", "Have I done something to upset you?", "Did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed today?", to which I reply "I'm fine, I just have bitch face".

3. I generally give off a bad first impression. I mean, who wants to chat with the girl who looks like she slaughters puppies as a past-time!? But I don't! Really! Talk to me, just please, someone talk to me!

4. My boyfriend lives in constant fear that he's done something wrong . . . well actually that one's quite funny!

5. Meeting new people can be strenuous, the thought process goes a little like this:
New person: Laura looks like a complete bitch.
Me: I hope no one thinks I'm a bitch. I'll fake a smile, so I seem approachable.
New person: What's with that smile? I bet she's planning to kill puppies.

So there you have it my bitch face can be, well . . . a bit of a bitch! But it's MY bitch face and I've learned to love it . . . kinda.

Laura x x x

P.s these boots!? I die!

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